iValue Suite®

Transforming communication of product value

Communicating product value to payers and educating internal stakeholders requires more than just a dense compendium of evidence. Our team of market access specialists have been creating best-in-class value stories, global value dossiers, HTA submissions, payer communication decks and objection handlers for over two decades.

We also provide a suite of interactive tools for communication of product value to both internal and external stakeholders. iValue Suite® houses your value communication materials on a secure web-based platform that can be easily updated, shared, and communicated.
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Choose whether to tell your value story in a visual slide-based format, extract country-specific content as a Word dossier, or demonstrate your economic models.


Turn your slide deck into a living presentation of your value story

Dynamically present your economic model using a customizable, interactive interface


Extract country-specific content from your 200+ page global value dossier


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