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    An explosion of data sources. Expanding use cases. Shifting regulatory and HTA requirements. The real-world data and evidence (RWD/E) landscape is brimming with possibilities, yet knowing how and when to use data and evidence remains unclear for many companies. With Evidera, you have access to the right data and the expert guidance you need to move your product forward, faster, and further.

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    Driving Healthcare Forward with the Most Impactful Data, Evidence, and Insights

    From global access to high-quality, specialized data sources to advanced analytics, data science application, and bold strategies, we have the expertise to harness the power of real-world data — generating evidence and insights to help you reveal the value of your product.

    How we help you realize the life-changing potential of your product:

    • We unleash value at every stage of an asset’s life cycle. With the right data and thoughtful evidence and insight generation, we help you optimize market access while maximizing the potential for medical and commercial success at every stage.
    • Gain insight into significant challenges in drug development and commercialization. From simulating study results to using external control arms to augment data to long-term evidence to validate the value of marketed products, we provide insights to elucidate the potential of your product.
    • Our therapeutically aligned teams deliver innovative and robust global data solutions that bridge the gap between clinical development and commercialization, address peri- and post-approval safety requirements, meet regulatory expectations and, support your product’s market uptake.

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    Post-Marketing Safety Registries: What, When, Why, How?

    See How Our RWD/E Experts Can Move Your Therapy Forward

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    High-Quality, Actionable Data to Move Your Product Further

    All data aren’t created equal. They need to be transformed into something actionable. At Evidera, we are leading the data revolution so your product has the right data from the start. Data that are clean, curated, organized, and linked — the kind of data that leads the way to better decisions for your product and patients.

    How we help you lead with the right data:

    • We make data smarter. Whether accessing proprietary data sets, tracking trends via real-time data subscriptions and dashboards, or unearthing insights through robust analysis, we deliver data that are actionable and lead to better business and patient outcomes.
    • We evaluate and recommend the most appropriate data set(s) to answer your specific research questions and provide you with the right data at the right time to answer the right questions.
    • Leverage our design and implementation strategies to generate patient-centered data. By understanding patient experiences, preferences, and outcomes, our patient-centered research team helps you meet regulatory and other stakeholders’ increasing demands for patient insights into the effectiveness, safety and value of products.

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    How Health-Related Social Media Can Complement Traditional Real-World
    Evidence Approaches to Offer Unique Patient Insights

    See How Our RWD/E Experts Can Move Your Therapy Forward

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    Expert Guidance to Help You Solve Real-World Challenges

    We don’t just collect and curate data. We analyze. We interpret. We consult. Our real-world evidence domain experts explore into data, deliver robust analyses, and generate bespoke insights — giving you expert guidance to move your product beyond expectations.

    How we help you lead with the right data:

    • Our team of data scientists, epidemiologists, and statisticians — comprising one of the largest real-world evidence teams in the industry — unearths insights through robust data analysis to advance science and healthcare forward, faster, to advance science and healthcare forward, faster.
    • We bring your value story to life by deploying an integrated, experienced scientific team of experts to demonstrate your product’s effectiveness, safety, and value across every stakeholder.
    • Highly skilled at analyzing, synthesizing, and enriching diverse data sets across 20+ countries to deliver customized and actionable insights and rapid, on-demand analytics and reports — helping propel your product forward with precision and efficiency.

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    Acquiring Insights into Real-Time Global Prescribing Trends
    Using Healthcare Provider Data
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