Alex Exuzides, PhD, Senior Research Leader of Real-World Evidence at Evidera.

Alex Exuzides

PhD, Senior Research Leader, Real-World Evidence

Alex is responsible for the design and implementation of research projects, providing leadership as principal investigator. Many of these projects apply complex and novel methodological approaches in real-world evidence generation, including retrospective database analyses, observational studies, efficacy and safety studies, patient-reported outcomes, pharmacoeconomics, and epidemiologic research. Alex has over 20 years’ experience in research methods in medicine, health services, health economics, comparative effectiveness research, epidemiology, program evaluation, and risk assessment; and his therapeutic areas of expertise include cardiovascular, endocrinology, pulmonary/respiratory, and oncology.

Alex holds a BA in mathematics from the University of Patras, Greece, and an MA and PhD, both in statistics, from the University of California at Davis. He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications in first-tier journals including Mayo Clinic Proceedings, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.