Anuraag Kansal, PhD, Sr. Research Leader & Director, Disease & Trial Simulation, Modeling & Simulation at Evidera

Anuraag Kansal

PhD, Executive Director, Product Development, Senior Research Leader, Evidence Synthesis, Modeling & Communication

Anuraag’s primary responsibilities include leading the development and analyses of economic models and developing disease and clinical trial simulations. At Evidera, he has developed economic analyses in a wide variety of disease areas, including neurologic, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. Anuraag led development of the Alzheimer’s Disease ACE simulator, a validated disease simulator for cost-effectiveness, budget impact, and clinical trial simulation. With expertise in a range of modeling techniques, including state-transition (e.g., Markov), discrete event simulation (DES), and dynamic transmission modeling, His recent work has been published in Heart, Pharmacoeconomics, and Journal of the American Heart Association, and has been presented at major economic and clinical conferences.

Prior to his current role, Anuraag worked as a senior engineer at Entelos Inc. developing physiological models of complex diseases. He holds a PhD and BS in chemical engineering from Princeton University and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), respectively.