Meet Kevin Marsh, PhD, Senior Research Leader of Patient-Centered Research at Evidera.

Kevin Marsh

PhD, Senior Research Leader, Patient-Centered Research

An expert in the use of preference information and decision analysis to inform health decisions, including pipeline optimisation, authorisation, reimbursement and prescription decisions, Kevin’s research interests include preference elicitation, decision modelling, and MCDA. He actively contributes to the methodological development of these techniques. Kevin currently co-chairs the ISPOR Taskforce on the use of MCDA in Health Care Decision-Making. He has applied these and other research techniques for a range of organisations, including both regulatory and industry clients. The former has included a range of UK-based, health-related organisations, such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the National Institute for Health Research, and the Department of Health.

Kevin completed his PhD at the University of Bath, specialising in economic valuation techniques. After a year at Oxford University, he joined the Matrix Knowledge Group in London, where he built their economics practice. Kevin is an active member of the Campbell and Cochrane Economic Methods Group and contributes to methodological development in the field of economic evaluation.