Martin Ladouceur

PhD, Director of Statistics, Senior Research Scientist, Real-World Evidence

Martin, a methodologist specialized in health research, offers over 15 years of applied experience in clinical research and consulting. Trained in biostatistics at McGill University, he also pursued postdoctoral training in statistical genetics at the Montreal Jewish Hospital, University of Toronto, and INSERM, Paris.

At Evidera, Martin leads and collaborates on several retrospective chart review projects in Crohn’s disease, mental disorder, and oncology. He is also a consultant on methodological design and lead the statistical team in real-world evidence. He managed different types of studies such as prospective, matching-adjusted indirect comparisons, chart reviews, retrospective studies using administrative databases, clinical trials, and targeted literature reviews.

Before joining Evidera, Martin was a consultant in health economic and outcome research at Analysis Group Inc., where he led real-world evidence studies (burden of disease, treatment patterns, efficacy and safety, unmet needs) on oncology (prostate cancer), immunology (IBD, RA, psoriasis), and psychiatric disorders (Alzheimer’s disease, psychosis). He also served as the principal consultant at an academic research hospital (CR-CHUM) where he collaborated with clinicians and researchers on all phases of clinical research projects (protocols, grant applications, disseminations). He was largely involved in the design of a crossover trial on artificial pancreatic and nutrition/exercise projects involving patients with type 2 diabetes. His collaborative work led to several financial supports from major granting agencies such as the National Institute of Health, the Canadian Institute of Health Research, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Canadian Diabetes Association, and Genome Canada, for a total of over 12 million dollars. Those researches were published in top journals such as Lancet Diabetes, Lancet, PLoS Genetics, Statistics in Medicine, Prostate, Radiology, and European Journal of Genetics. Martin taught several graduate biostatistics classes at McGill and Montreal University. He is also an adjunct clinical professor at Montreal University at the School of Public Health in the department of social and preventive medicine.  He is fluent in English and French.