Webinar Overview

This webinar will provide an introduction to utility theory and utility assessment methods with select case studies, in addition to a discussion of the influence of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) on utility assessment. We will focus on direct utility assessment, indirect utility assessment (multi-attribute measures and condition – specific measures), deriving utilities from condition-specific measures, and mapping methods.


Who Should Attend

Managers, Directors and others in the pharmaceutical industry in the areas of:

  • HEOR (health economics/outcomes research)
  • Clinical development
  • Medical affairs
  • Market access
  • Pricing and reimbursement

Key Learning Objectives

  • Describe what a utility is within the context of health care
  • Identify key components required for a utility assessment study
  • Recognize when to use one utility assessment method over another (e.g., condition-specific vs. generic utility measure)


Dennis A. Revicki, PhD, Senior Vice President, Outcomes Research, Evidera

Louis S. Matza, PhD, Research Scientist, Outcomes Research, Evidera

Katharine S. Gries, PharmD, MS, Research Associate III, Outcomes Research, Evidera

Evan Davies, MSc, BSc, Research Associate II, Outcomes Research, Evidera

Chantelle Brown, MSc, BA, Research Associate I, Health Economics and Epidemiology, Evidera