Webinar Overview

Successful market access is never easy, but waiting too long to plan for it can make life harder than it need be. In our experience, while there are companies that plan well, too few do this at the right time in the product development lifecycle.  There are always difficult questions to be addressed and a range of uncertainties that must be considered in approaching global market access and the associated evidence generation activities.  In this webcast, we:

  • Highlight some of the common pitfalls to avoid
  • Outline a process that will ensure key questions are addressed (but won’t guarantee commercial success!)
  • Provide case studies to illustrate sensible planning for evidence generation activities


Who Should Attend

  • Medical Affairs
  • Market Access
  • HEOR teams
  • Epidemiology
  • Project leader

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the main steps in the process of developing an evidence generation plan for successful market access
  • Identify areas of overlap and possible synergy between different activities
  • Consider timings and costs associated with different components of market access planning


L. Clark Paramore, MSPH, (formerly with Evidera); Teresa (Terry) Wilcox, RPh, PhD, Senior Principal Consultant and Senior Research Leader