Webinar Overview

The launch of Sovaldi® (sofosbuvir, Gilead) earlier this year marked an important advance in the treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, offering higher cure rates, shorter treatment times, and better tolerability for a disease affecting millions of Americans. The clinical value of Sovaldi® is not in question, but its price – at $1,000 per pill, or $84,000 for a 12-week treatment course – has come under heavy scrutiny, drawing criticism from politicians, payers, and health officials. Sovaldi® is not the most expensive drug on the market, and in fact its cost is in line with other HCV treatment regimens. Indeed, by avoiding the clinical consequences and downstream costs of chronic HCV infection such as liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and liver failure, Sovaldi® presents good value to payers over the long term. Nevertheless, more than 6 months on, the product continues to attract headlines, and finds itself at the center of a growing debate about the future of drug pricing and cost containment in a health system struggling to cope with the escalating costs of specialty medications.

In this webinar, we ask if recent experience with HCV treatments would suggest payers have reached a tipping point in terms of their willingness or ability to accept high-priced, specialty drugs. We will examine a number of key factors driving the debate and potential outcomes that the industry should be preparing for:

  • What are the key dynamics in the HCV market that have focused so much attention on the cost of new treatments?
  • Aside from the rhetoric, in practical terms what actions have payers taken to contain costs?
  • What further strategies could be considered, and how practical or acceptable would these be to the US system?
  • What broader implications could there be for the US market, and new, effective treatments of the future?
  • What guidance can Evidera offer for pharmaceutical companies who have launched or are launching high-cost, speciality drugs into the US marketplace?



Who Should Attend

  • Pricing and Market Access Director
  • Commercial Planning Director
  • Brand Team Director
  • HEOR Director
  • Marketing Director
  • Business Development Director
  • New Product Planning Director

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand current dynamics and payer positions on HCV treatments in the US
  • Understand feasibility of further potential strategies for cost-containment of HCV treatments
  • Understand broader implications of payer cost pressures in the US market


Cheryl Ball, US Practice Lead – Global Payer Strategies, Evidera

Sandra Ford, Managing Consultant, Evidera

Catherine Bennett, Senior Consultant Evidera