Webinar Overview

The healthcare landscape is continually shifting, with new priorities and challenges appearing every day. Changes such as the global desire for earlier access to treatments, the increasing number of drugs for rare diseases, and the potential growth of very high cost cell and gene therapies have resulted in policy and process changes by payers that directly affect pricing decisions.

This webinar discussed issues such as:

  • Global policy changes and the resulting pressure on pricing, specifically in Europe
  • Changes to payer processes, including consortia purchasing and sharing of pricing information
  • Future cost challenges, including the increase in rare disease treatments and high cost therapies
  • How manufacturers can address these changes, including better evidence generation in early phase trials, avoiding or validating surrogate endpoints, developing performance-based pricing, and possibly annuity-based schemes

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand how payers and politicians are squeezing drug costs globally while wanting quicker access
  • What are the future cost pressures and how will payers/politicians react to them?
  • How can manufacturers position themselves to maximize their opportunities of success?


David Pruce, MRPharmS, Senior Principal, Market Access Consulting, Evidera