Webinar Overview

Are you maximizing the use of technology in your patient-reported outcomes (PROs) strategy? Advances in technology have had a significant impact on how patients are engaged in all phases of drug development, including the process of developing and implementing a PRO measure. In addition to the use of electronic PROs (ePROs) for real-time collection of patient outcomes, there are new and innovative approaches to data collection for both qualitative and quantitative research used in the development and validation of PROs.

Make sure when you are planning your PRO strategies that you are aware of the latest technology options to maximize the effectiveness of including the patient perspective in your evidence generation plan. This webinar will review these different approaches, including:

  • Natural language processing of web content to inform strategy and early concept elicitation
  • On-line patient communities as a source of patient input and recruitment
  • The identification and engagement of patient partners to serve as advisors in PRO development
  • Using technology to facilitate qualitative research: alternatives to in-person focus groups and interviews
  • Web-based data collection
  • “Bring your own device” approach “Apps”, Mobile Web, etc.


Who Should Attend

  • Managers, Directors, and anyone else responsible for patient-reported outcomes
    • Outcomes Research
    • ePROs/PROs
    • HEOR
    • Evidence Generation / Value Development
    • Market Access
    • Technology

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the changing landscape of technology for PRO development
  • Understand how Internet access and patient engagement are shaping healthcare and the research process
  • Understand the potential, and limitations, of technology innovations in data collection to improve and streamline patient engagement
  • Have a stronger understanding of when it is – and isn’t – appropriate to use certain novel approaches for data collection



Karin Coyne, PhD, MPH, Senior Research Leader, Scientific Director, Outcomes Research, Evidera

Sonya Eremenco, MA, Director, ePRO New Products, Evidera

Andrew Cox, PhD, Research Scientist, Evidera

Hilary Wilson, PhD, Senior Research Associate, Evidera