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  • Real-world data and evidence that promotes drug development, regulatory approval and market growth
  • Patient-centered research to ensure the patients’ perspectives, outcomes, and preferences are included throughout product development
  • Evidence synthesis and modeling to build your foundation of evidence, simulate expected outcomes, and quantify and demonstrate value
  • Value and access solutions to navigate complex global payer and HTA requirements and changing regulations and communicate that value story effectively
  • Non-interventional studies to generate real-world evidence to inform clinical trial design and meet regulatory and payer peri- and post-approval safety and long-term follow-up requirements

Workshop Panel Discussion

Monday, May 8
4:45 PM – 5:45 PM

What If Patients Are Not Acting As Expected? Methodological Options for Examining Behavioral Heterogeneity in Patient Preference Studies

Sebastian Heidenreich


Evidera Panelist: Sebastian Heidenreich, MSc, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Patient-Centered Research


Podium Presentation

Tuesday, May 9
4:45 PM – 5:00 PM

Current Practices and Challenges When Submitting Patient Experience Data for US Regulatory Decision-Making: An Industry Survey

Poster Presentations

Monday, May 8
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

The Impact of Substantial Improvements in HbA1c and Weight Loss on the Medication Preferences of People with Type 2 Diabetes. Gelhorn HL, Osumilli B, Brown K, Ross MM, Schulz A, Fernandez G, Boye KS

Monday, May 8
3:15 PM – 6:45 PM

CO52: Modelling Long-Term Outcomes of Tirzepatide Compared to Lifestyle Modification and Other Anti-Obesity Medications As Treatment for Overweight and Obesity. Hoog MM, Kan H, Hankosky ER, Deger K, Sorensen S, Neff L, Bae JP, Mojdami D, White B, Harris M

EE131: Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Caregivers: Review of the Existing Evidence and Proposed Framework to Estimate Economic Burden. Sandman K, Storey K

HPR52: Pre-Approval Information Exchange (PIE) in the US. Sharing the Pie. Smith D

MSR41: Application of Artificial Intelligence as a Decision Support Tool for Abstract Screening: Implications for Time and Cost Savings. Cichewicz A, Kadambi A, Lavoie L, Mittal L, Pierre V, Raorane R

HTA34: A Review of RWE in HTA Decision-Making of Gene Therapies in the US, Canada, UK, EU4 & Japan. Dabbous M, Olid Gonzalez A, Raza J, Waththuhewa M, Griffiths J, Firas, Sullivan N

Tuesday, May 9
9:45 AM – 1:15 PM

HPR68: Inflation Reduction Act – Insights and Impact on Different Therapeutic Areas from the US Commercial Payer Perspective. Sidhu C, Connelly B, Blake L, Sullivan N

SA43: Uptake of the PRISMA 2020 Statement and its Artificial Intelligence Component in Recently Published Systematic Reviews. Cichewicz A

EE262: Use of Single-Arm Trials in CADTH Reviews of Oncology Drugs. Wu S, Zhang E, Zou D

HPR84: Pre-Approval Information Exchange (PIE). Are US Healthcare Decision Makers and Manufacturers Both Getting a Piece of the Pie? Smith D

SA37: Real-World Treatment Patterns (TxP) and Healthcare Resource Utilization (HRU) in Patients With Nonmetastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer (nmCRPC) and Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer (mHSPC) in China. Wang Yong, Chunxiao Liu, Chuan Liu, Yongji Lu, Lu Ban, Sariya Udayachalerm, Yuanjie Niu

HTA50: HTA Bodies Acceptance of Indirect Treatment Comparisons for Gene Therapies in US, England and Wales, France, and Germany. Waththuhewa M, Dabbous M, Griffiths J, Olid Gonzalez A, Bending M, Sullivan N

Tuesday, May 9
3:15 PM – 6:45 PM

HTA61: Do NICE Technology Appraisals Account for Unmet Medical Need in Oncology? Andrawes M

HSD89: The Patient Journey Prior to Neuromodulation in Drug-Resistant Epilepsy, Patterns of Utilization and Cost of Healthcare Services and Pharmacotherapy Based on a Claim Database in the United States. Lassagne R, Zhang L, Danielson V, Lam S, Berger A, Evans K, Vincent T, Stamas N

HPR124: A Review of Managed Entry Agreements and Innovative Payment Models established for Gene Therapies in the UK, EU4, US, Canada & Japan. Dabbous M, Olid Gonzalez A, Griffiths J, Lingois N, Sullivan N

Wednesday, May 10
8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

EE501: Comparison of Survival Extrapolations Using Early Vs Late Data Cuts from the Echelon-1 Trial in Frontline Advanced Hodgkin Lymphoma. Li S, Mittal M, Zou D, Paly VF

EE517: The Potential Effect of Future Medical Cost Changes on the Net Cost of Multi-Cancer Early Detection Testing. Kansal AR, Tafazzoli A, Shaul A, Ye W, Chavan A, Zou D, Fendrick AM

EPH257: Public Health Impact of UK COVID-19 Booster Vaccination During Omicron Predominance. Mendes D, Chapman R, Aruffo E, Gal P, Nguyen JL, Hamson L, DiFusco M, Czudek C, Yang J

SA68: The Humanistic Burden of Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1: A Literature Review. Novack A, Gilchrist N, Casañas i Comabella C, Huelin R, Ashish Dugar A

EE531: Evidence Generation Planning for and Economic Modeling of Rare Progressive Pediatric Diseases: Challenges and Prospective Solutions. Shaul A, Sorensen S, Proskorovsky I, Ward A

PCR222: The Value of No Cancer Signal Detected Results from Multi-Cancer Early Detection Tests – Perspectives of People in the General Population. Ross M, Schulz A, Gelhorn H, Cong Z, Chung K