Patient-Centered Research

Patient-Centered Research

Improve outcomes with insights from the ultimate stakeholder — patients.

Patient-centered research is essential to the drug development process and beyond. From understanding unmet treatment needs, influencing product design and labeling, reducing barriers to trial participation, ensuring regulatory and payer success, and optimizing uptake — we are here to help.

When you partner with us, you’ll have the confidence that comes from having a dedicated team of industry experts supporting your product. We use a comprehensive set of patient-centered research solutions, sound strategies, global reach, efficient and quality delivery and a shared commitment to addressing your patients’ needs.

To implement patient-centered evidence across all aspects of drug development and commercialization, turn to the leader in the field: Evidera.

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Patient-centered research solutions

Comprehensive services, tailor-made to meet your needs.

We implement a wide range of patient-centric solutions to build an impactful customized plan that meets the unique needs of your business and patients.

Scientific leadership, proven to deliver results.

As the industry’s largest patient-centered research group, our global team of 140+ experts is at the cutting edge of methods and policy developments, providing you with unparalleled strategic insights.

Global network, for maximum impact.

Our global reach allows you to partner with patients and conduct patient-centered research anywhere around the globe.

Strategic and operational expertise, that goes beyond scientific excellence.

As part of the PPD clinical research business of Thermo Fisher Scientific, we combine scientific excellence with an industry-leading research operations infrastructure, ensuring efficient and quality conduct.

Leverage the power of the patient's voice to accelerate drug development

Clinical Outcome Assessment (COA)

Incorporating appropriate outcome measures in your clinical studies is critical in demonstrating how your treatment improves patients’ lives. Our industry leading COA experience ensures you adopt the optimal approach in the use of COAs. Whether you need to select, develop or validate outcome measures, our experts ensure you can meet both your strategic goals and regulators’ needs.

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Patient Preferences

In the competitive health care landscape, understanding and addressing patient preferences are critical throughout the patient and product journey. We leverage our unparalleled expertise in patient preference research to understand patients’ choices, informing product design and meeting regulatory and payer requirements, including industry-leading expertise in quantitative benefit-risk assessment.

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PPD StudyGage

What if you could predict which study design improved patient participation rates or led to better patient diversity? With StudyGage, our innovative, proprietary study patient burden tool, you can predict patient willingness to participate in clinical studies and understand how alternative study designs may impact patient participation — helping you efficiently optimize enrollment and achieve study milestones faster.

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Embedded and Exit Interviews

Our expertise in navigating the complexities of conducting embedded and exit interviews within a clinical trial allows you to efficiently capture the unique perspective of the patients in your clinical studies. Whether gaining a deeper understanding of disease experience, expectation and treatment benefits, tolerability of safety events or experience of participating in your studies, these qualitative interviews can help you design better products and studies and meet regulatory needs.

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Patient Engagement and Insights

Through state-of-art patient partnering, engagement and insight methods, we engage with patients as research subjects, reviewers, advisers, co-creators, collaborators and partners. Using in-person, digitally enabled and scalable approaches, we ensure you have access to the right patient insights when you need it, to optimize your produce development, chances of regulatory success and product uptake.

Why Evidera for Patient Engagement and Insight?

Harness expertise and innovation to estimate the impact of your treatment

Utility Studies

Turn to our industry-renowned utility research team to identify and execute your product’s most appropriate utility estimation method. Whether you need to estimate health state utilities to demonstrate the value of medical products in cost-effectiveness models, or best capture the impact of your treatment on patients’ quality of life, we can help. Our team of experts ensures your utility assessment is sensitive to the unique aspects of treatments and health care interventions, optimizing the results of your cost-utility modeling.

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Clinical study patient burden

COA development and validation

COA selection and identification

Embedded and Exit Interviews

Label claim support

Meaningful change estimation

Patient-centered product development strategy

Patient engagement

Patient journey

Patient partners

Protocol optimization

Quantitative benefit-risk assessment

Understanding patient preferences

Unmet need identification

Utility estimation

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