PPD and Happy Life Tech (HLT), a Chinese medical AI company dedicated to transforming the relationship between humans and diseases, have entered into an exclusive collaboration to create data science-driven clinical and real-world evidence solutions. This partnership pairs HLT’s data technology and artificial intelligence with PPD’s global expertise in clinical trials and real-world evidence generation.

HLT has a particularly strong depth of data and experience in oncology, immunology, and rare diseases, in addition to several other therapeutic areas that are currently being enhanced. They have relationships with more than 100 leading hospitals across over 20 provinces in China, which have the potential to yield quick capture of new drug uptake.

As PPD’s Peri- and Post-Approval business, Evidera is excited about the potential this collaboration can offer our clients. Expanded access to China’s evolving drug development and post-marketing ecosystem deepens our ability to help you generate the evidence needed to optimize the market access and commercial potential of your products on a global scale.

The press release announcing this collaboration can be read here.

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