Evidera, a global leader in generating and communicating evidence of product value for life science companies, is pleased to announce new modeling capabilities using Discretely-Integrated Condition Event (DICE) simulation. DICE is a modeling technique specifically designed to meet decision-analytic modeling needs for health technology assessment (HTA). It is a flexible and transparent technique that allows for execution of a wide range of studies, including traditional health economic analyses such as budget impact, cost-consequence, cost-effectiveness and cost-utility.

“It has been very gratifying to see how well this method has been received,” said Dr. Jaime Caro, Chief Scientist at Evidera. “Within a few minutes of viewing a short presentation, everyone ‘gets it’ and sees the tremendous potential of DICE. As a result, many companies are adopting it for their disease models and health economic submissions.”

Dr. Caro introduced the DICE simulation method in a recent publication, Discretely-integrated Condition Event (DICE) Simulation for Health Technology Assessment. To access the publication, click here. Evidera has created a proprietary platform for implementing DICE in Microsoft Excel®, called EviDICE™. “EviDICE provides an efficient way to consistently implement modeling studies,” said Dr. Caro. “Our aim is to reduce the burden of programming and verification while minimizing the opportunity for errors that impair trust in modeled outcomes.”

This announcement arrives on the heels of the release of Evidera’s innovative Alzheimer’s disease (AD) ACE simulator, implemented using DICE. AD ACE is designed to address the complex interactions between multiple components of AD pathology (e.g., biomarkers, cognition, behavior, function) and their role in disease progression. It is being used across a range of modeling analyses and is applicable to studies ranging from early what-if assessments to formal HTA submissions. To learn more about AD ACE, click here. To read more about all of Evidera’s modeling and simulation offerings and capabilities, click here.