BETHESDA, MD, September 15, 2015 — Evidera, a leading provider of evidence-based solutions for the healthcare industry, is pleased to announce the release of the first Alzheimer’s Disease ACE simulator. Bringing to bear more than two decades of experience in modeling AD, Evidera scientists have developed the AD ACE, a comprehensive multi-application disease simulator designed to address evolving commercial and regulatory needs.

“We are very excited about the AD ACE and what it brings to the field. It is the only model in AD specifically designed to assess interventions from the earliest stage of disease, including the transition from normal cognitive function, through to severe disease, ” said Jaime Caro, Evidera’s Chief Scientist. He will present the AD ACE model at the upcoming International PharmacoEconomic Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease ( in November.

AD ACE was designed to address the complex interactions between multiple components of AD pathology (e.g., biomarkers, cognition, behavior, function) and their role in disease progression. It also fully considers interrelated clinical, epidemiologic and economic outcomes, providing a platform that will allow for rapid incorporation of intervention-specific data.

Programmed in MS Excel®, the AD ACE is very transparent and meets HTA agency requirements for formal submissions. It can also be used by internal stakeholders and other decision makers. It is readily modified to meet the specific features of the therapy or diagnostic of interest. It will support commercial strategy development, inform clinical trial design, and allow for a variety of economic analyses. It is driven by the the latest science in this field, and is extensively validated and well documented.

To gain access to the AD ACE, or for more information, please contact us to speak with an Evidera scientist. For recent publications, presentations, and other supporting information, please visit

About Evidera
Evidera, a wholly owned subsidiary of Symphony Technology Group, provides health economic, outcomes research, market access, data analytic and epidemiology services to life sciences organizations worldwide. Evidera’s worldwide staff has developed more than 400 health and economic models in multiple therapeutic areas for countries around the globe. Evidera introduced discrete event simulation (DES) to the health economics community over 15 years ago, and is continuing to advance modeling methods to address HTA needs with the recent development of Discretely Integrated Condition Event (DICE) Simulation. Evidera scientists have conducted over 70 research engagements in AD since 2010, and have published nearly 60 papers on research related to AD and mild cognitive impairment. For more information, visit

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