Evidera welcomes the Health Research Associates (HRA) scientific team as they join our Patient-Centered Research (PCR) team in a staged transition starting on July 1st and running through the end of 2018. HRA scientific leaders Mona Martin and Don Bushnell, along with their team of five other patient-reported outcomes (PRO) research experts with a combined 120 years of experience, will join Evidera’s San Francisco and Seattle offices.

The addition of the significant qualitative and quantitative methodological and regulatory expertise of the HRA team complements and extends the Evidera PCR team, which is already among the largest, most comprehensive, and most experienced groups of dedicated patient-centered researchers in the industry. Working with the Critical Path Institute PRO Consortium, the HRA team led the development of the third and fourth patient-reported outcome (PRO) instruments to receive a qualification statement from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Evidera developed the first and second instruments to receive an FDA qualification statement, making the now combined team the only organization to successfully take four new instruments through the FDA PRO qualification process.

“The addition of Mona, Don, and their team is extremely exciting for us,” said Margaret Vernon, Ph.D., Vice President and General Manager of Evidera’s Patient-Centered Research team. “They share our scientific values and vision, and in joining us they further extend our ability to provide high quality and high impact solutions to our client partners.”

HRA was formed 23 years ago by Martin and Bushnell to provide patient-reported outcomes, qualitative research, cross-cultural translation, and other study management and consultation services to global biopharma organizations. Over the past two decades HRA’s team of scientists and researchers have published 100+ peer-reviewed articles and given 130+ research presentations on instrument development, instrument validation, cross-cultural studies, qualitative research and mix methods studies.

“I’m very pleased to be joining Evidera and to have a role in expanding our collective capabilities,” said Mona Martin, Senior Research Leader at Evidera. “The expertise and experience of the expanded Evidera team, and the access to a full suite of drug development research solutions as part of PPD will undoubtedly allow us to push the limits of patient-centered research and accelerate our efforts in PRO/COA development. We all look forward to working together to meet the research challenges of the future and to offer our clients a full range of high-quality services.”

As the HRA scientific team joins Evidera over the coming weeks and months all ongoing research projects will continue to completion with no interruptions or delays.

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