PPD and HealthCore are building upon their existing collaboration to include Evidera, PPD’s peri- and post-approval business. The addition of Evidera will help enable the companies to address post-marketing safety commitments in Europe and the U.S., and expand the relationship to include other studies evaluating outcomes in real-world settings.

PPD and HealthCore first established this collaboration in 2015 to enable both companies to further expand their research services in the pre- and post-approval research market. PPD’s acquisition of Evidera, a leading provider of evidence-based solutions, in 2016, introduces new possibilities for collaboration and greater levels of real-world evidence development.

The collaboration now combines PPD’s global operations capabilities and expertise in clinical trial design and implementation, Evidera’s global capabilities in health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and epidemiology and knowledge of global real-world evidence requirements, and HealthCore’s U.S.-based strengths in pragmatic clinical trials, HEOR, drug safety, innovative real-world research designs, and robust research-enabled electronic health care data environment.

“HealthCore is proud of our strong presence within the U.S.,” said Mark Cziraky, vice president of research at HealthCore. “Partnering with PPD and Evidera in this way instantly globalizes our capabilities.”

“We are excited to bring our respective scientific expertise and experience together to design the best possible studies,” said Radek Wasiak, vice president and general manager of real-world evidence at Evidera. “We will leverage HealthCore data where appropriate, Evidera’s knowledge of data sources and real-world evidence methods, and PPD’s global operations capabilities to collect data. We are actively collaborating on several studies and seek to expand the breadth, scope, and impact of the current collaboration over time.”

As payers and providers increasingly require real-world evidence of product performance, this collaboration promises to help enable biopharmaceutical companies to address these requirements in pre- and post-approval settings and generate evidence in a manner that is both quick and cost effective.

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