Almudena Olid Gonzalez

MA, Consultant, Value & Development Consulting

Almudena has led projects with a focus on pricing and launch strategies, such as launch sequence strategy projects and pricing corridor projects, as well as HTA reviews and product value testing. Prior to her current role, Almudena worked in two other consulting firms, where she led and delivered market access projects in various disease areas, such as oncology, CNS conditions, infectious diseases, respiratory conditions, ophthalmology, and addiction, among others. In her prior role, she also worked across multiple product types, including biosimilars, vaccines, and medical devices. Additionally, she worked as a pricing manager at Norgine BV, where she led the global pricing committee and was responsible for overseeing price corridor setting and pricing analysis for all products in the portfolio, both in direct sales markets and in partner markets, based on market trends and product value.