Ethel Pilati

MSc, Associate Director, Project Management, Real-World Evidence

Ethel has been based in PPD’s Milan, Italy, office since July 2011, initially as a senior clinical team manager, then moving to project manager, and later to senior project manager. Prior to working at PPD, she worked for Quintiles for 3 years as a CRA, and then at Parexel for 3 years as a clinical team leader. Ethel has been an associate director since November 2016 and has a track record of leading several full-service Phase I-IIIb clinical studies in accordance with ICH-GCP and the appropriate standard operating procedures. She has wide experience of studies in numerous indications including hematology-oncology (metastatic colorectal cancer, anaemia of cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer, endometrial cancer, renal cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, acute myeloid leukemia, HER2-positive cancers, solid tumors and lymphomas, melanoma, squamous cell, non-small cell lung cancer, and hemophilia); respiratory (COPD, cystic fibrosis); and, cardiovascular diseases (anemia and heart failure, atrial fibrillation). Ethel has successfully led in her studies by managing different stakeholders and by being able to work with her teams to identify and manage key risks, both operational and financial. Her success can be attributed to such qualities as her ability to identify potential risks and propose preventive/corrective actions; her ability to communicate complex situations effectively; her attention to team building and motivation; and her financial acumen.