Jörgen Möller, MSc, Vice President of Modeling Technologies at Evidera.

Jörgen Möller

MSc, Vice President, Modeling Technologies, Evidence Synthesis, Modeling & Communication

Jörgen specializes in simulating complex systems and played a key role in simulating the re-design of the Swedish national postal distribution system, the extension of Stockholm-Arlanda Airport, and the utilization of surgical theatres at Eskilstuna Hospital. Jörgen is also an Honorary Visiting Associate Professor with the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore.

Intrigued by the dearth of simulation in pharmacoeconomics and outcomes research, Jörgen joined Caro Research (now part of Evidera) in 2003 as a specialist in discrete event simulation (DES) and has been instrumental in implementing DES as a modeling tool in HTA. His focus has been on translating methods from operations research to pharmacoeconomics and on developing guidelines for this type of modeling. Jörgen has created more than thirty DES models in the areas of devices and pharmaceuticals. Since discretely integrated condition-event modeling was devised by Dr. J. Jaime Caro in 2016 Jörgen has been deeply involved in the development of the technical platforms for the Discretely Integrated Condition Event (DICE) simulation. He also conducts advanced training courses in DES, the ARENA-software, and DICE. Jörgen received an MSc-degree in mechanical engineering at Lund University, Sweden.