Julie Roiz, MSc, Senior Research Scientist and Senior Director of Modeling and Simulation at Evidera.

Julie Roiz

MSc, General Manager: Modeling & Simulation, Evidence Synthesis, Modeling & Communication

Julie is based out of the London, UK, office and holds an MSc from the French National School of Statistics (ENSAI, Rennes, France) with a major in health economics. Her two main areas of expertise are decision modeling and methods associated with meta-analysis and indirect comparison, which she taught at ENSAI for four years. Julie has experience in multiple types of models (including cohort, patient-level simulations, and dynamic transmission models), meeting various objectives, such as health impact, cost-consequence, cost-effectiveness, and budgetary impact. She has worked in multiple indications, with a particular interest in infectious diseases and economic evaluation of vaccination programs, including influenza, varicella-zoster virus, pertussis, cytomegalovirus, hepatitis A and B, and sexually-transmitted diseases. She also has experience in cardiovascular disease (ACS, MI, VTE, AF), ophthalmology, CNS, and oncology. Julie has contributed submissions to various HTA bodies, including NICE and SMC, ACIP, IQWiG and HAS. Before joining Evidera, Julie was director of UK operations for another health economics consultancy, and prior to that she was a global HE senior specialist for GSK Vaccines.