Kathy Fraeman, SM, Director & Principal Data Analyst, Data Analytics for RWE at Evidera

Kathy Fraeman

SM, Director and Principal Data Analyst, Data Analytics, Real-World Evidence

Kathy is an accomplished and knowledgeable SAS programmer/analyst with more than 25 years of experience in analytic SAS programming and data management for biomedical research studies, including pharmaceutical clinical trials, epidemiologic studies, survey research, cost-of-drug-treatment studies and drug safety and marketing studies. Highly experienced in analyzing large and complex relational healthcare databases, including insurance claims files, Kathy has co-authored several publications in the fields of epidemiology and healthcare issues.

Before joining Evidera, Kathy was a self-employed independent SAS contractor who worked on more than a dozen projects with Evidera. She received her Bachelor of Science in biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her Master of Science in environmental health sciences from the Harvard University School of Public Health.