Nicole Hurst

MSW, Senior Director of Project Management, Real-World Evidence

Nicole joined in 2006 and since this time has provided both project management and operational oversight for global pregnancy registries, infant/child follow-up studies, interventional lactation, placental transfer studies, and other patient-centric studies. Nicole successfully managed the first industry-sponsored clinical lactation study evaluating the transfer of a biologic into mature breast milk of women with chronic inflammatory diseases. The study was featured at the 2016 FDA Lactation Conference. Nicole is a published author and an experienced presenter at scientific conferences, including conduction of oral presentations focused on challenges and solutions for lactation studies at the 2017 DIA Conference (PLLR session) and the 2017 and 2018 Teratology/OTIS Conference. Nicole has also manned exhibit booths at several key congresses on behalf of sponsors.