Péter Gál

MSc, Research Scientist, Research Director, Evidence Synthesis, Modeling & Communication

Prior to joining Evidera in 2014, Péter worked in the financial services industry as a mathematical modeler. At Morgan Stanley’s market risk department his responsibilities included model reviews of derivative pricing and risk models. Prior to that, he worked at ING as a life insurance actuary. Péter has over 12 years’ experience in financial modeling including development, implementation, validation, and documentation. In health economics he has model development experience in the therapeutic areas of oncology, autoimmune conditions, kidney disease, neurology, liver disease, and visual disorders. He is Evidera’s best practices lead in modeling methodologies and is part of the team developing Evidera’s implementation of the DICE methodology. Péter holds a BSc in programming and mathematics from the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest; an MSc in economics with specialization in actuarial science and applied statistics from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences; and, a diploma in quantitative finance from the Institute for Advanced Studies, Vienna, Austria.