Sebastian Heidenreich

PhD, Associate Director, Patient Preference, and Senior Research Scientist, Patient-Centered Research

Sebastian is the scientific lead and associate director of Evidera’s Patient Preference team, as well as an honorary research fellow of the University of Aberdeen’s Health Economics Research Unit (HERU). He is an established expert in the development and conduct of patient preference studies, with a strong background in mixed methods approaches (including online focus groups for instrument design), the measurement of preference heterogeneity, the use of preference data to inform decision making, and the validity assessment of discrete choice experiments. Sebastian has taught the design and conduct of preference elicitation to PhD students, academic researchers, government institutions, and within the healthcare industry. He has conducted preferences studies in neuromuscular diseases such as autoimmune, oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, rheumatology, dermatology, and screening/prevention, among other therapeutic areas. He is an honorary editor of The Patient, co-founder of the Scottish Stated Preference Network (SSPN), and part of the leadership of the health preference strategic interest group (SIG) for the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR).

Sebastian has extensive experience in eliciting patients’ preferences for treatment aspects beyond health outcomes, such as administration or provider preferences. His research has been published in leading journals (including Thorax, Genetics in Medicine, Patient Preferences and Adherence, The Patient, Social Science and Medicine, Health Policy and Planning, and Health Economics), and informed a range of decisions in regulatory, reimbursement, product development, and post-launch stakeholder engagement matters.