PPD OncoLocator

Real-time Understanding of Treatment Patterns
in Common Cancers

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Syndicated Patient Data Collection

As a global leader providing real-world data solutions, Evidera, a PPD business, provides access to efficient, high-quality data that meet your needs. As investments into cancer research continue to climb and competition increases, awareness and understanding of the oncology landscape also need to increase to gain a competitive edge.

OncoLocator reveals the latest market trends in the top 10 pharmaceutical markets for 25 cancer indications, 31 tumors, and top 5 biomarkers providing insights to help you make critical decisions. Treatment data based on “last patient seen” are gathered from our global healthcare provider network and includes disease stage and identified biomarker to best understand market fragmentation.

The interactive dashboard provides convenient access to quarterly data which are updated monthly to reflect market dynamics. In addition, with only a 30-day lag, the near-to-current data are timely and provides enriched samples per line of treatment to ensure robustness for each line.

Access Smart Real-World Data

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Gain a global understanding of standard of care to help prioritize unmet therapeutic need

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Monitor markets affordably to adjust commercial efforts and product life cycle

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Evaluate early phase assets by examining latest standard of care

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Optimize feasibility studies and protocol design by identifying treatments patterns across geographies

Generate Value Insights with Oncolocator

Different From Other Patient Data Collections

With OncoLocator, you get a real-time understanding of treatment patterns with unmatched data relevance. A unique real-world data solution that offers:

  • Single agnostic methodology: data are abstracted from patient health records using the same survey platform across countries, allowing you to evaluate and compare key market insights
  • Robust data: enhanced data collection secures sample distribution across all lines and cancers; and secondary data are used to extrapolate data to country populations
  • Supportive expertise: access to internal experts across the company in a multitude of disciplines, such as modeling, biostatistics, epidemiology, and psychometrics

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