The Migraine Functional Impact Questionnaire (MFIQ) is a 26-item self-report questionnaire, developed to measure the subjective impact of migraine on physical functioning (everyday activities and physical impairment), as well as social and emotional functioning in the past seven days. It is intended for use in adults (age 18 or older) with episodic migraine (EM) or chronic migraine (CM), with or without aura.

The MFIQ was designed to be completed once a week to capture the week-to-week variability of the impact of migraine. A 7-day recall period captures the variability of migraine symptoms and impacts, while being less burdensome than a daily assessment and reducing potential recall bias associated with longer recall intervals.

The MFIQ was developed using methods consistent with the regulatory guidance on patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures to support label claims about the benefit of treatments (FDA 2009).

The MFIQ includes domains to assess the impact of migraine on multiple aspects of functioning:

  • Physical Function (PF)
  • Usual Activities (UA)
  • Social Function (SF)
  • Emotional Function (EF)
  • Overall Impact on Usual Activities