Dara Stein, BSc, MSc, Research Scientist and Director of Global Chart Reviews at Evidera

Dara Stein

BSc, MSc, Senior Research Scientist, Real-World Evidence

Dara is responsible for Evidera’s Real-World Access to Remote Data (REWARD) offering that enables rapid and repeatable real-world observational research through innovative technology driven data collection. She brings 12 years of observational, non-interventional study experience (ten years in industry and two in academia) and is a recognized industry expert in chart review and electronic medical record (EMR) study methodology and implementation. Dara offers applied experience in various therapeutic areas including oncology, hematology, neurology, cardiology, intensive care, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, and acute bleeding events. Her research portfolio includes evaluations of drug utilization, safety, burden of illness, treatment patterns and resource utilization (including direct and indirect cost of healthcare), and the collection of data from several compassionate use patient populations in North America and Europe. Dara has much experience working on FDA- and EMA- mandated and non-mandated chart review applications of post-authorization safety studies (PASS) in North America and Europe and is familiar with ENCePP requirements.

Prior to joining Evidera, Dara worked as a senior research scientist at UBC: An Express Scripts Company and as a research associate in the division of clinical epidemiology at McGill University Health Centre’s Research Institute.

Dara holds a BSc in human kinetics from the University of Ottawa, and an MSc in human nutrition from McGill University. The results of her work have been published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at various scientific meetings.