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    COVID-19 has changed everything — especially vaccine development. Shrinking development time. Urgency in developing robust data and evidence. Patient diversity requirements. While the world is looking to expedite preventative and therapeutic vaccines, few have what it takes to deliver on today’s high expectations. Look to the team that created the monumental shift for moving vaccine development forward, faster, further. Look to Evidera, part of PPD services.

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    Leading a New Era in Accelerated Vaccine Development

    Today’s vaccine development landscape is moving at a remarkable pace. A pace few can keep up with let alone lead. With us, you have the team that’s been at the forefront of this monumental shift. Experienced in developing and executing accelerated plans and poised with the right infrastructure — we’ll lead your product from lab to life with unparalleled precision, speed, and quality.

    How we help you move vaccine development forward, faster:

    • A leader in rapid response in light of COVID-19. Our established and proven infrastructure, which includes our global vaccine site network, allows us to mobilize quickly, accelerate site startup, deliver high-quality data, and meet committed timelines.
    • Our globally integrated vaccine offering can guide you through every phase of development. From modeling and simulation projections, epidemiology insights, and peri- and post-approval interventional and non-interventional studies to real-world evidence and data solutions and market access strategies, we have the expertise and reach to move your vaccine studies forward with unmatched speed and efficiency.
    • Deep relationships with key stakeholders ensure alignment every step of the way. Ongoing engagement with regulators, national immunization technical advisory groups (NITAGs), health technology assessment (HTA) bodies, payers, site networks, and patient advocacy groups gives us insight to navigate challenges and move your product through approval, complex market access pathways, and post-launch evidence generation as quickly as possible.

    SPECIAL FEATURE: US FDA’s Coronavirus
    Treatment Acceleration Program (CTAP)

    Learn How We’re Leading the Vaccine Development Evolution

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    Leveraging a Patient-Centric Approach for Enhanced Reach, Recruitment, and Retention

    The patient experience does not begin and end with recruitment. It takes the right insights and strategy to create a patient-centric engagement plan and the infrastructure and global reach to execute it. With us, you have a partner with the experience and resources to attract the right patients and keep them engaged throughout the life of your study.

    How we help you engage patients to move vaccine development faster:

    • We put extensive patient insights and patient-centered research strategies to work for you. By engaging patients early and often, identifying what is important to them, and capturing patient-reported outcomes and perspectives, we deliver patient-centric study designs that keep the patient at the center of your development plan.
    • Faster, more diverse patient recruitment. Our comprehensive global vaccine site network delivers consistent site operators who are highly trained and qualified while providing more volunteers, from fewer sites in less time.
    • Our established patient-centric, virtual approach helps to avoid recruitment delays. By enabling virtual enrollment, we reduce the burden on patients while expanding our reach to special populations, such as pediatric and geriatrics, and enhanced patient diversity — resulting in stronger enrollment, enhanced retention, and fewer recruitment-associated delays.

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    Enhancing Patient Centricity of HTA: Opportunities in Europe external-link icon

    See How We’re Leading the Vaccine Development Evolution

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    Advancing Health Outcomes Through Preventative and Therapeutic Vaccine Development

    Whether we’re responding to a global pandemic or supporting research of a therapeutic vaccine, our expertise and bespoke solutions help you answer your most pressing questions so you can make a positive impact on the lives of patients and society.

    How we help you deliver outcomes that make a difference:

    • Identify and communicate the broader economic and societal value of your vaccine. We go beyond the expected payer and HTA considerations to reveal your vaccine’s value and impact on the world — from understanding cost savings from a societal perspective over time to how patients’ quality of life is affected.
    • Tailored support for commercialization and lifecycle management. From health economics and outcomes research and disease modeling to establishing real-world effectiveness and safety, including long-term follow-up, we truly understand your research needs and deliver the right approach to move your vaccine forward.
    • Early Integrated Scientific Advice and access planning helps you save time and money. We have a deep understanding of the complex global regulatory, NITAG, and payer environments and are skilled in demonstrating the burden of disease on public health and the safety, effectiveness, and value of your vaccine—improving outcomes for patients while streamlining the process to approval and inclusion on the national immunization policy.

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    Integrated Scientific Advice During the COVID-19 Pandemic


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