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Synthesis of Evidence to Quantify Value

The evidence required for submissions to health authorities and decision makers continues to evolve, requiring increasingly sophisticated methods to demonstrate value. Meeting the evidence demands for reimbursement and optimal pricing requires thorough analyses of the current research conducted to date to identify key value drivers, data gaps, and comparative effects across therapies, along with a team of experts that can integrate findings into the overall value proposition. Evidera’s expert team of scientists, modelers and statisticians has developed hundreds of simulations, statistical models, and literature reviews to support reimbursement, market access, and internal decision making in all major therapeutic indications and across all major markets.

We Can Help You

  • Quantify health and economic value of an intervention
  • Estimate burden of illness
  • Estimate budget impact
  • Identify evidence gaps within the value story
  • Estimate comparative effects across therapies
  • Inform clinical trial design and simulate expected outcomes
  • Evaluate pricing scenarios
  • Inform strategic portfolio planning and product development
  • Support submissions to regulatory agencies and health authorities

Unlock the Value of Publicly Available Data

  • Indirect treatment comparisons (e.g., Network Meta-Analysis, STC, MAIC)
  • Systematic, targeted and rapid literature reviews
  • Social media review
  • Evidence mapping
  • Evidence gap analysis

Quantify Outcomes

  • Economic (e.g., cost-effectiveness, budget impact)
  • Epidemiological
  • Clinical trial simulation
  • Public health

Leading the Way in Innovation

The healthcare landscape is changing rapidly and the needs and requirements of key stakeholders (e.g., payers, providers, manufacturers) are evolving along with it. Evidera’s experts have extensive experience working with these stakeholders to select the method and approach that best addresses each research question. We are able to maximize the impact of traditional methods, but are also adept at developing and deploying new solutions and approaches to better meet the needs of decision makers. We are passionate about advancing methodology in modeling and evidence synthesis, and have a history of innovation. Our team of experts introduced discrete event simulation (DES) to the healthcare field, and continue to work toward new solutions. A few of our latest cutting-edge methodologies and products are as follows:

  • Discretely-Integrated Condition Event Simulation (DICE): A unifying modeling approach expressly designed to meet the needs of health economic analysis.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease ACE Simulation: Comprehensive, extensively documented, multi-application disease-specific models designed to support commercial strategy development, inform clinical trial designs, and meet HTA agency requirements for formal submissions.
  • STC & MAIC: Simulated treatment comparisons (STC) & Matching Adjusted Indirect Comparisons (MAIC)


What We DO

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